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➳ name: Selene
➳ superhero name: Moon Shadow
➳ nicknames: kiddo (by Logan), dollface (by Yondu), moony (by Tony), little beast (by the Collector).
➳ age: 24
➳ zodiac sign: Taurus ♉
➳ affiliation: x-men, the avengers, the ravagers


girl and eyes image clavicle and neck image aesthetic, arm, and art image Algeria, pink, and rose image
➳ dark curly hair
➳ heterochromia
➳ tattoos


fashion and autumn image black, shoes, and boots image nails, rings, and tattoo image fashion, kfashion, and asian fashion image Image by amina36 fashion, style, and girl image
➳ oversized sweaters
➳ comfortable clothes
➳ rings and pendants
➳ glasses
➳ jeans or skirts
➳ boots


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➳ quiet and naive at first
➳ sarcastic and a little rude when someone bothers her
➳ observant
➳ she makes everyone laugh
➳ moody
➳ creative
➳ very passionate and empathic
➳ use the emotional rather than the rational side


➳ shapeshift into anything (animal and human)
Image by Marie Image by Marie animal, famille, and kawai image bird, cute, and nature image
➳ control the elements
aesthetic, dark, and green image Image by Marissa magic, mystic, and wizard image arms, beautiful, and hands image


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➳ listening to music
➳ reading and writing
➳ painting and studying art
➳ watching all the movies she can get
➳ spending time whit her friends and loved ones
➳ learning new things about any subject


She was abandoned when her birth parents discovered her powers and found by Charles Xavier who took her as his own child and let her attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. There she found her new family and friends and learned how to control her powers and lose her fears about them.

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She became a close friend with two of her teachers: Logan Howlett aka Wolverine and Ororo Munroe aka Storm. They became her mentors and like a big brother and sister.

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She heard about what happened in New York, about The Avengers and Loki. Selene thought she could join the Avengers and be of use to them keeping the Earth safe. So once graduated from school she went to New York, looking for Tony Stark and Nick Fury. The team let her join, but when she showed her powers to them, that put her under the space pirates' spotlight. One day the pirates found her alone and kidnapped her, after that they sold her to the Collector.

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The pirates got a lot of money because of that and the Collector was very curious about her skills due she is a Terran, so he started experimenting with her, to discover more about her powers and maybe replicate them and use it for his benefit. In that way, he made her part of his collection and his assistant.

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One day, The Ravagers arrived at Knowhere to make some sales in the black market. They visited the Collector driven by the curiosity about his museum, so when he was distracted with Yondu's crew, she escaped and hide in The Ravagers' spaceship. When they returned to the ship and found out she was aboard they wanted to eat her, but Yondu saw her scars because of the Collector's experiments, that reminded him about the times when he was a battle-slave. He proposed her to became one of them and as an exchange, they'd protect her. They trained her in shooting, fighting and weapons, and told her all about space. She started in a very clumsy way, but it was about time she became better.

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Very often she visits her X-Men family of Terra and her coworkers, The Avengers. One day, the Ravagers received an incoming call from Yondu's "son", so she met him and the rest of the called Guardians of the Galaxy... funny name.


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The Avengers & The Ravagers


➳ Family
beast, magneto, and raven image Avengers, space, and mantis image
The X-Men & The Guardians of the Galaxy
➳ Enemies
Benicio del Toro, the collector, and guardians of the galaxy image Abusive image
The Collector • She promised to herself he would pay for what he did to her. He'd feel the same pain he made her felt.
➳ Love interest:
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Carol Danvers • When she met her, Captain Marvel instantly became her crush. Moon Shadow was very curious and fascinated about her, and she thought Carol was very funny, hot, and sexy.
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Loki • When they started to talk, she thought that he was so annoying and selfish. But with the time she started to think that he's really smart and powerful. Plus, she felt attracted by his rogue personality.
➳ Close Friends:
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• Ellie and Yukio: they met each other while she was visiting Xavier's School and the teachers, wanting to know if everyone was okay.
• Peter Quill: Yondu introduced her to Peter and they got along very well since the beginning. They have a lot in common: the taste in music, movies, and tv show's references.
• Mantis: she met her when Yondu visited Quill and the Guardians. They get along very well as they have similar personalities, so they became best friends.
• Peter Parker: they met when she came back to Terra. She visited Tony and then he introduced him. They talk a lot about classic movies and music, so the two of them became good colleagues.
• Rocket: they became really good friends as they have the same sarcastic sense of humor
• Doctor Strange: she was very curious about his magic and skills, so he taught and show her everything he knows.