Name: Ariel Alexis
Age: 18
Sun Sign: Cancer
Story: She transfers to Point Place when her father becomes the new superintendent. She meets Donna at a local feminist rally and befriends her and the gang.


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Despite a gothic, stoic shell she often feels that she is too emotional. While she views it as a weakness, her ability to care for her friends and family is a strength that builds her character arc.


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She finds it hard to find darker colors, but Hyde helps her out by giving her some of his old band shirts. Jackie is vocally against such dark shades, but admittedly is envious of the uniqueness of the style.


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She occasionally goes bike riding with Fez, and was the one to teach him how to ride a bike. She also attends feminist rallies and meets with Donna every weekend. When she's not busy, she hangs out with friends.


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She's closest with Hyde, Kelso, and Donna.


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She dates Fez. He often takes her on dates to FunLand and he's very clingy and affectionate.