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As you saw I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift, and now that her new album folklore is out, I decided to make this article.
I’ll make a reasoning of why every album is in this position and my favourite song from each album.

So let’s go :

1. RED

This album is one of the best lyrically written album ever and you can’t convince me otherwise. This album is incredible, and I am in love with every song in it. RED aesthetics are my favourite, and I’d gave everything to buy a ticket to go to The RED Tour. The acoustics of this album deserve the world, and I love the collaborations she made with Ed Sheeran and Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol. This album has the word autumm written all over it, as the vibes are huge. It’s a crime that RED didn’t win Album Of The Year as is a breathtaking album, i’m still upset for this :( . This album is so special to me, so this is why i ranked it in the first place.

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Favourite song: All Too Well (this is THE song, I personally think that this is the best song she has ever composed.)

2. folklore

How to start? This album is a huge masterpiece, and she nailed every single genre she tried. This album hasn’t been out for so long, but I am totally obsessed with it. Also what to say, the aesthetics of this album are out of this world. She made her best album of her career so far. I need to tell you that reading while listening to it is a blessing. I know it might sound weird but I feel paceful and calm every time I listen to it. This album is not country, is not pop, is like indie and even if you are not familiar with Taylor’s songs, you should definitely give it a try because is totally worth it. This album is 10/10.

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Favourite song: august

3. 1989

Obviously 1989 is the third of this list. This album won the album of the year and it was totally deserved. It’s her first pop album and she composed it beautifully. This album is full of hits, and every song is magical, but I have to say that there’re some songs that are underrated such as Wonderland or You Are In Love and I hate it. Also how to forget the iconic 1989 World Tour? Sadly I couldn’t attend it but I saw it for apple music and it was amazing. The remix with Wildest Dreams and Enchanted was sublime.

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Favourite song: I Know Places

4. Speak Now

How not to love this album? She wrote alone every single song and they are all awsome. I love the country in this album and there’s not a single song that I don’t like. Also, my favourite music video is from this album. But I think that this album is a little bit underappreciated, which makes me sad. This album is full of incredible songs, so make sure to check it! The diversity of this album is incredible, just compare songs like Last Kiss or Ours with songs like Better Than Revenge or Haunted. I put this album on the 4th position because is my second favourite country album.

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Favourite song: Enchanted

5. Lover

I must confess that this is the album that I listened the least, but I like it anyways. From my prespective is a cute album, far from the dark vibes that Reputation had. It’s like the transitions between her ‘dark era’ and folklore, which i find it amazing. Lover is an amazing song to play on a wedding and dance with you partner (along with love story). Every song has a thing that makes you want to fall in love and to be loved. This album is so fresh, so if you need to listen to something while you are in a good and lovely mood just listen to it.

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Favourite song: Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

6. Fearless

This album is the album that catapulted her to the artist we know today and her second album. Love Story, You Belong With Me, etc are awsome songs and totally hits. I adore this album, and I feel that there’re a few songs that a lot of people might not know like Breath or Untouchable. Also how to forget when White Horse appeared on Grey’s Anathomy? I really enjoy doing a karaoke of every song of this album. It brings me joy and happiness every time I listen to it.

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Favourite song: The Way I Loved You

7. Reputation

Reputation is not a bad album. In fact I think that she’s incapable of releasing a bad album, but I just think that is not as good as the others.(I mean an album named folklore exists). But apart from it I like this album, and I like the dark and obscure vibes that go through it. I like the Reputation era a lot, and I saw the tour on Netflix and I loved it. The songs are pretty strong and I am completely obsessed with the bridges (Don’t Blame Me hello?). The album didn’t make it well in the categories, but the Reputation tour was a completely sold out I am really proud of her.

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Favourite song: Call It What You Want

8. Taylor Swift

First of all is her first album, and I’m not saying that is not good, on the contrary, I absolutely adore this album. It makes me remind my childhood and I love it. But as is the first I found that somehow something is missing, so this is why I put it on the last place. I can identify with A place in this world. Here we saw a really young Taylor, with all the thoughts that a teenager can feel, and this is one of the things why I like this album.

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Favourite Song: Cold As You
this is my ts tag if you want to check it

So that’d be all, I hope you like it!

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