Good day, Dear Heaters. I’m with you again. But now I’d like to describe my plans for August. Also I wish you would write YOUR plans and live this month wonderful.

1. Music

Yes-yes, you aren’t hear some different. I’m a musician and wanna continue my hobby, record cover for a song and post in YouTube. I hope that will be great because I do it first.

2. English and different languages

I’m a Russian girl so learning English is very important for me. There are a lot of schools, masterclasses to perfect my knowledge about language. Also I learn Spanish and German languages. Idk, it’s very interesting and funny.

3. Walking with friends and carefreе summer

My dream….you walk all night or sit with your friends on a grass and sing songs on a guitar...go on the sea and spend the best time….get in love with somebody….those wonderful feeling can be real if you have friends and you walk together.

That’s all my Dears :) love you very much.
Good waves,
Enna Corn