my inspiration

1. county or city?

aesthetic, city, and japan image beautiful, blue, and creme image
the city. i would prefer living in a more crowded place

2. baths or showers?

bathroom, green, and mexico image aesthetic, brown, and cocoa image
showers. baths are weird

3. pen or pencil?

art, artist, and food image aesthetic, journal, and minimal image
pencils. i feel like i have no control over pens

4. pools or the ocean

Temporarily removed beach, brazil, and landscape image
both but im scared of the ocean

5. Sirens or mermaids

nature, green, and aesthetic image fantasy, pink, and magic image
both are really cool but mermaids are my favorite

6. outgoing or shy

80s, 90s, and beauty image Temporarily removed
i am definitely shy

7. road trip or flying

architecture, germany, and iphone image friendship and friends image
road trip!!!!! ive actually never been on one with my friends

8. relaxing or exploring

pastel, purple, and tan image italy and tropea image
i like a little bit of both

thanks for reading :)