So I am about to do article series about kpop idols zodiac signs. Just because I am kinda out of topics and why not. Idk how yall kpop stans believe in astrology. There were time when I thought it is bullshit even myself, but later on I realised each sign's characteristics are kinda fu**ing true and more shit seemed to make sence. So I don't hardcore believe in it, but don't even roll my eyes when someone does. So yeah lets get into it.

The next sign is Taurus. Lets see basic information of this zodiac sign and lets see the kpop idols who share this sign aswell.

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Quotes of the Taurus zodiac sign

"Taurus have a heart of gold. That will turn to cold if they see you are taking advantage of their kindness."

"Taurus know how to keep calm in chaotic situations most of the time."

"Taurus can't stand ignorant people."

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"Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac."

"Althought Taurus are being called the bull in the astrology, they are gentle and avoid arguments most of the time."

"Taurus takes promises very seriously."

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"It takes a long time for a Taurus to give away their heart. Only the strong will survive the wait."

"Taurus can and will over analyze every little thing."

"Taurus are eighter very lazy or very energetic, and won't change until they feel like it."

"Taurus never brags, they let their accomplishments speak for themselves."

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Infos about the zodiac sign

Taurus (โ™‰๏ธŽ) is the second astrological sign in the zodiac. Smart, ambitious, and trustworthy, Taurus is the anchor of the Zodiac. Also they are amazing friends, colleagues, and partners. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of beauty and love, making them romantic and supportive. They feel the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty. Stable and conservative, this is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. They will always search for stability in both their choices and the people they associate with. Taurus zodiac sign adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things therefor they have the steroetype of being lazy. Taurus tends to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life, anything physical will generally make them happy, and this extends to any kind of food, drink, or entertainment - anything that they can absorb with all of their senses.

Taurus-born people are not just stubborn, but also strong willed. They have a strong dislike for change, and once they settle down with their routines, it can take a great effort to get them to change. Taurus hates lies more than anybody and will hold a grudge for long against someone who lied to them, even if it's a lie just to make them feel happy. Also they sometimes have trouble respecting authority, especially if asked to do something they think is pointless or should be done differently. Learning to be flexible and go with the flow can be an advantage to Taurus.

The positive essence of Taurus energy shows up as patient, organized, supportive, romantic, careful, and dedicated. On the flipside, Taurus energy can also be overindulgent, stubborn, lazy, vain, tightfisted and too cautious. Routine-loving Taurus can get us stuck in our comfort zones and habits.

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Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Color: Green, Pink
Day: Friday, Monday
Ruler: Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer
Lucky Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24
Date range: April 20 - May 20

Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Taurus likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands, photography, sensual pleasures of life, luxury
Taurus dislikes: Sudden changes, lies, complications, insecurity of any kind,

Kpop idols

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Baekhyun - EXO

exo, baekhyun, and SM image exo, baekhyun, and kpop image
Born 06.05.92

Bambam - GOT7

JYP, kpop, and bambam image JYP, bambam, and got7 image
Born 02.05.97

Jeno - NCT Dream

Dream, lee, and nct image lee jeno, nct, and jeno image
Born 23.04.2000

Hwiyoung - SF9

boy, kpop, and hwiyoung image Image removed
Born 11.05.99

New - The Boyz

new, the boyz, and choi chanhee image new, the boyz, and choi chanhee image
Born 26.04.98

Sejun - Victon

icons, kpop, and boy group image icons, kpop, and boy group image
Born 04.05.96

Wow - A.C.E

ace, kim, and kpop image ace, kim, and kpop image
Born 15.05.93

Hyojin - ONF

hyojin, onf, and kim hyojin image hyojin, onf, and kim hyojin image
Born 22.04.94
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taurus image

Mimi - Oh My Girl

mimi, OMG, and oh my girl image mimi, OMG, and oh my girl image
Born 01.05.95

Chaeyoung - Twice

Image removed kpop, twice, and chaeyoung image
Born 23.04.99

E:U - Everglow

everglow, eu, and kpop image everglow, eu, and kpop image
Born 19.05.98

Onda - Everglow

Image by Any Image by Any
Born 18.05.2000

Hani - EXID

le, exid, and hyerin image le, exid, and hyerin image
Born 01.05.92

Jeonghwa - EXID

Image removed Image by โ™ก
Born 08.05.95

Sunny - SNSD

idol, Sunny, and girls generation image girls generation, kpop, and snsd image
Born 15.05.89

JiU - Dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher, preview, and lq image dreamcatcher, preview, and lq image
Born 17.05.94

Dayoung - WJSN

kpop, dayoung, and wjsn image kpop, dayoung, and wjsn image
Born 14.05.99

Gaeul - Favorite

favorite, kpop, and gaeul image favorite, kpop, and gaeul image
Born 08.05.99

Dasom - Sistar

kpop, sistar, and dasom image kpop, sistar, and kim dasom image
Born 06.05.93


icon, kpop, and soloist image Image by moonchild_11
Born 16.05.93


wonder girls, sunmi, and lee sunmi image sunmi and kpop image
Born 02.05.92

I will leave it on you to define how much these idols meet the sign's characteristics.

As I said before in the previous articles obviously not only zodiac signs are the only thing what definites our personality. Although our personality and that who we are right now mostly depends on our experiences, education, and life journey I do believe that our zodiac sign which we were born in influences our personality up to a point aswell. Also the biggest influencing factors on us are family, friends, dayly environment which we live in, and the development, mentality, traditions, political situation of the country we live in.

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So this was the article. Idk if you found it interesting or nah. If you liked it and want to know more kpop idols zodiac signs leave a โค๏ธ.

And also check out the previous articles of the previous signs if think.

Thanks for reading.โค๏ธ