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which greek god is your favorite?

aesthetic, boy, and theo image greek, sea, and troy image
apollo. greek god of light, prophecies, healing & medicine, knowledge, music, and the arts.

which greek goddess is your favorite?

flowers, hair, and beauty image nature, travel, and vintage image
persephone. greek goddess of springtime, flowers, and vegetation. wife to hades and queen of the underworld.

which greek monster is your favorite?

lion image fur and furs image
the nemean lion.

if you could have any god's powers, whose would it be?

neptune, statue, and art image fantasy and mermaid image
poseidon!! i just think we has the coolest abilities and widest range of them.

aphrodite or athena?

aphrodite, princess, and Queen image mirror, aesthetic, and kiss image
aphrodite. goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and pleasure. she just seems really alluring and fun, especially opposed to uptight athena.

hercules or perseus?

andromeda, art, and greek image body image
perseus. slayer of medusa and freer of andromeda. im probably biased though because percy jackson is the loml.

zeus or poseidon?

accessory, aesthetic, and art image poseidon, statue, and god image
poseidon. zeus is too much of a bastard for my taste.

hades or demeter?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It calavera, creepy, and skull image
hades. god of the underworld and riches. husband of persephone. best boy deserves better, plus demeter sounds whiny af.

hephaestus or ares?

burning, hands, and soot image Image by Private User
hephaestus. god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture.

apollo or artemis?

quotes, sun, and aesthetic image Image by Esther
apollo!! baby!! artemis is still vv cool tho, we stan.

what would you want to be the god/deity of?

girl, summer, and beach image love, couple, and hands image
the goddess of cycles and adventures, enthusiasm and intuition, and partnerships.

what would be your patron animal?

Image removed horse, white, and animal image
horses, sorry poseidon lol.

what city would you be the patron of?

paris, travel, and france image view, sunset, and city image

what would be your symbol?

angel, wings, and white image green and woman image
emeralds and giant angel wings

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