Hey, lovelies! Today, I will be doing the ABC tag! Let's get started!


couple, goals, and love image girl, teenager, and rp image
I'd rather not say, but I am under the age of 18

Best Feature

aesthetic, lips, and lollipop image Image by 𝑘𝑖𝑚𝑚𝑦 ☼
Probably my smile


Image removed blue, ocean, and sea image
Different shades of teals and blues

Deepest Regret

girls, mirror pics, and rp models image quotes, love, and book image
Not getting rid of a toxic friend earlier

Every day starts with...

strawberry, blueberry, and breakfast image animal crossing and acnh image
Breakfast and Animal Crossing <3

Fashion Style

Image removed aesthetic, fashion, and skin image


architecture, city, and town image book, coffee, and cup image
I definitely want to publish a book, and I want to get into one of my dream colleges

Height and Hair Color

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I am 5'2 and the hair picture looks a lot like my real hair actually. It is short-ish medium-ish, dark brown with lighter brown highlights

In love with...

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There are a lot of tv shows that I am in love with these days, and I'm also in love with writing

Job of my dreams

coffee, black coffee, and books image Image by francesca savorelli
I would love to be an author or actor (in broadway specifically, but I wouldn't mind doing movies)

Kind of things I look for in a partner

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I want someone with a sense of humor, and someone who will love me and never get bored of me

Last thing I ate

delicious and food image Temporarily removed
Wafer Cookies

Movie I can rewatch over and over again

Temporarily removed amazing, beautiful, and beauty image
The Hunger Games, and Riverdale ( I know its technically not a movie but whatever)

Number of Siblings

-funny and -only child image baby girl, beauty, and christmas tree image
Only child here

One song you can't stop listening to

beautiful, world, and travel image les miserables, musical, and musicals image
I have been listening to a lot of broadway songs

Person I last texted

Image removed beautiful., couple, and crush image
A group chat with two of my friends, and we were talking about Roblox

Question I get asked the most?

Temporarily removed Lyrics, feels, and quotes image
What my ethnicity is (Native American) and how old I am (Mostly because I look older than I really am)

Reasons why I smile

Image by sam cat, animal, and pet image
My best friend and animals

Skincare tips

aesthetic and soft image skin care products image
I am the last person to go to for skincare tips because I just clog my pores with makeup, but wash your face, drink lots of water, exfoliate, and put on face masks


cursive, hands, and Tattoos image tattoo image
I am too young for any

Unpopular Opinion

Temporarily removed
K-Pop is lame

Vacation Destination

Image by Leexie Arzate 👙☕🥀🕯️ australia, kangaroo, and Sydney image
The United Kingdom or Australia

Worst Habits of mine

Image removed fashion, pretty, and do it image
I want to be more confident, and not care what others think

X-Rays I've had

butterfly, aesthetic, and black image hand, art, and x-ray image
I know my teeth, and I think I've had my lungs

Youtubers I watch

azzyland image purple and pink hair and laurenzside image
Azzyland, Laurenzside, Gloom, Occasionally Yammy, Dangthatsalongname's gacha videos, and SNL sketches

Zodiac Sign

Image removed aries, flowers, and art image

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