I don't understand you. I'm just done with the whole back and forth thing and I can't and refuse to keep fighting you. I do everything right. I go to school, get good grades, my teachers have only positive things to say about me, I'm an over achiever. There's no reason for you to treat me the way you do.

Nothing I do is ever good enough. Nothing will ever be good enough. You don't love me. You love the fact that I was the reason you were able to escape one of the most tragic times in your life. I'm always and forever will be used as the barrier and safety net for bad decisions and irresponsible choices. Everything falls back on me.

When you love a person, you love them even when you are angry. Your own daughter shouldn't feel like a burden or a stranger. But you've done it. You've made me realize that my standing with you will always and forever be invisible and irrelevant. You've trapped me in this box along with words you can't ever take away. Thanks, to you I'm always in attack mode. You might "love" me today and hate me tomorrow.