🎃Do you live for fall or halloween? 🎃

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I love both, i love the dropping temperatures of fall and the crunching leaves but i also love spookiness and seeing all the kids have fun. It’s my second favourite time of year & i can’t wait to be a fall mom :)

🎃What's your go-to fall flavour & scent?🎃

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My favourite go to fall scent is vanilla based scents. Marshmallow, bonfire and leaves are close contenders as well.

🎃Big scarves or big sweaters?🎃

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Both are great but you can not go wrong with a blanket scarf :D It turns into a literal blanket for when you’re cold or tired

🎃Hocus pocus or halloweentown?🎃

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Halloweentown for the win

🎃What signifies the start of fall to you?🎃

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Around the end of august when it starts to get colder & there are more cold days than hot. You can sense the changing seasons by the smell of the air & feeling of wind

🎃Best way to spend a rainy day?🎃

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best way to spend a rainy day is in bed listening to the rain hit the windows

🎃Your most loved fall activity?🎃

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going to the corn maze with your friends and then get hot chocolate after