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You're Everywhere- Noah Floersch
Bittersweet- Blanks
He Died in Dreams- Ross Wylde
MF Gloom- Strawberry Milk Cult

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Headache- August Kuper
Heartbreak- Christian Leave
Only On the Weekends- Fishing in Japan
A Happy Song for Sad Girls- Netherfriends
$10- Good Morning

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Come Out- Masek Porter
Fire Drill- Melanie Martinez
outside- gnash
Strawberry Blonde- Mitski
Alaska- Little Hurt

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Phil- Molokai
I Love You Too- Peter McPoland
Hug All Ur Friends- Cavetown
So Alright, Cool, Whatever- The Happy Fits
Pocket Change- Secondhand sound

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Summer Fantasy- Williams Goldmsith
Pancakes for Dinner- Lizzy McAlpine
Get Out- Hensley
Goodbye Too Soon- The Irons
You're Somebody Else- flora cash

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Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen
Sundress- Zoo Culture
My Kind of Woman- TRISTAN
Lady by the Sea- Stephen Sanchez
Jena's New Favourite Colour- Noah Nolastname

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