a song that introduced you to kpop

fantastic baby, bigbang, and seungri image T.O.P, bigbang, and top image
fantastic baby by big bang

a song from my favourite boy group

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the truth untold by bts

a song from my favourite girl group

Image removed seulgi, yeri, and red velvet image
psycho by red velvet

a song from my favourite female soloist

kpop, maria, and mamamoo image mamamoo, hwa sa, and ahn hye-jin image
maria by hwa sa

a song from my favourite male soloist

key, shawol, and Jonghyun image SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image
move by taemin

your favourite song right now

nose, eyes, and lips image big bang, debut, and gif image
eyes, nose, lips by taeyang

a song you love with numbers in the title

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134340 by bts

a song you love with a colour in the title

sammy, comeback, and dojoon image dojoon, hajoon, and jaehyeong image
red by the rose

a music video you love

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blood seat and tears by bts

your favourite song from a sub unit

Image removed kpop, taeyong, and nct image
cherry bomb by nct 127

your favourite collab song

iu, girl, and kpop image iu eight image
eight by IU (ft. suga of bts)

a song you think everyone should hear