playlist of my fave songs....

House of Balloons/ Glass Table- Trilogy

couple, love, and bella hadid image the weeknd, music, and black image

Montreal - Trilogy

happiness, montreal, and Lyrics image

XO/ The Host - Trilogy

aesthetic, black & white, and fashion image the weeknd, red, and fire image

Professional- Kiss Land

expensive, ghetto, and hip hop image money, aesthetic, and pink image
but what's a somebody in a nobody town

Acquainted- Beauty Behind the Madness

bella hadid, the weeknd, and couple image aesthetic, alternative, and background image
im tryna love u crazy

Real Life -Beauty Behind the Madness

the weeknd image city, night, and starboy image
that's real life

All I Know- Starboy

starboy, aesthetic, and music image sparkles, wallpaper, and green theme image

Stargirl Interlude- Starboy

lana del rey, the weeknd, and abel image stargirl, the weeknd, and ️lana del rey image

Try Me- My Dear Melancholy

city, fashion, and heart image the weeknd image

Faith- After Hours

Image removed tumblr, aesthetic, and dark image

too lazy to add more i have so many but ty for readinggggggg