The night was cold, but that big room was even colder, his fingers was like ice while fingering through the black’n white piano keys. The only light there, was the beatifull trace of light coming from the moon through the window, he badly could see the piano keys, but he has already played that song so many times that could do this with closed eyes.
He thought he was alone that night, but a wind passed making him look to the end of light trace, the light started to change, first, turning in to a beautiful white dress, and then, inside of the dress, shows up a pretty lady, with pale skin and dark circles around big eyes.He got really nervous, but his fingers wasn’t even shaking while playing the song on the piano perfectly.

She looked to the delicate and fast movements of his fingers and smiled, she didn’t blink once, and the more he stared her face, closer it was of him, closer, closer, closer ….. till disappear.
He took of his hands of the piano abruptly, his breathing was heavy, then, a thin and loud sound takes care of the place, he turns and find that big eyes right beside him, she was there, sitting by his side in front the piano, like a shadow.
That big eyes stared at his so deeply till he realise what he had to do, his cold ice fingers starts playing the song again, on the most harmonic way possible, her eyes turned to his hands, a little smile appeared on her white lips and tears started to fall of her big eyes. He was getting calm while playing and looking to her expression.
But then, the beautiful white dress started to shine, till the pretty lady gets back being a trace of moonlight.
By the morning, after he woke up, he knew that wasn’t a dream, his fingers still cold, he knew that was the time he played that song in the most beautiful way of his life.