Here are a collection of images that sum up how I perceive my friends with a little description too. And a song to accompany them. They won't see these but I just thought it'd be fun.

Song: So Good by Dove Cameron

alcohol, life, and lights image
blonde, famous, and lips image stone, tumblr, and aesthetic image dresses, luxury, and styles image blue, eyes, and eye image girl, sky, and aesthetic image нежность, арт, and краски image
Effortlessly beautiful, soft and sweet like pastel colours or a fairy. A real life princess - a princess who will slap you up if you piss her off ;) A great artist and a little boy crazy at times. "aren't all teens alcoholics?!"

Song: Firefly by Mura Masa

amazing, beautiful, and blonde hair image
accessoires, girl, and fashion image grunge, quotes, and jeans image dog, girl, and happy image girl, aesthetic, and sun image bedroom, fashion, and style image denim, jeans, and cut offs image
Pays attention to the details, blunt with everything. You'd think she's quiet until she opens her mouth. And you'd better be able to handle a joke or you won't get along with this beauty. Would give up her life for a dog and loves online shopping

Song: Dancing Queen by ABBA

header, quotes, and angel image
bed, boy, and pale image kim kardashian, shopping, and online image black and white, typography, and quote image fashion, girl, and nike image aesthetic, pink, and hoodie image quotes, party, and move on image
Too generous for her own good. Recently got a job and is enjoying her shopping sprees.The best shoulder to cry on. She is always lost in her own world. Knows how to laugh but don't get her angry.

Song: Party Monster by The Weeknd

cat, dog, and animal image
pink and fire image airpods and purple image i don't care, care, and grunge image 4:20, night, and Late image black, neon lights, and led image Image removed
Weed. Weed. Weed. Black is made for this girl. The airpods have to be charged and be on full blast. Tasha says it how it is and you love her for it. Her home is highkey a jungle and full of animals so she adores dogs

Song : You Know You Like It by AlunaGeorge (Tchami remix)

party, grunge, and night image
girl, chanel, and juul image girl, sleep, and bed image fashion, outfit, and girl image the vampire diaries, tv, and tvd image love, couple, and kiss image friends, wine, and drink image
Scarlet is a box of surprises. Looks innocent but is not, knows a bunch of random shit and has a very unhealthy obsession with The Vampire Diaries. Loves to lie in bed too. Kisses a lot of boys and enjoys a rave.

Song: Love To Hate It by Off Bloom

90s, photography, and vintage image
white, aesthetic, and beauty image Image by Private User money, boy, and quotes image 70s, alternative, and indie image aesthetic, laptop, and pink image fashion, outfit, and style image
Therapist without the PhD. I love to dance always and music is my first thought. I feel like there's a lot I want people to know but refuse to tell them. I love my photography class and like to pretend I can actually write. The only Melanin in this little group. Forever trying to be a bad bitch.
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