Dear John or All Too Well

Taylor Swift, Swift, and speak now image Taylor Swift image
All Too Well

Style or Getaway Car

Taylor Swift, style, and 1989 image Reputation and Taylor Swift image
Getaway Car

Cruel Summer or August

lover, taylor, and swiftie image Taylor Swift image

Love Story or Lover

Taylor Swift, love story, and princess image lover, pink, and Taylor Swift image

You Belong With Me or Blank Space

fashion, first love, and princess image Taylor Swift image
Blank Space

22 or Shake It Off

Taylor Swift and 22 image Taylor Swift image

The Last Time or Exile

acoustic, concert, and guitar image Taylor Swift, folklore, and black and white image

The Archer or This Is Me Trying

Taylor Swift image album, folklore, and lover image
The Archer

Wildest Dreams or Dress

music video, wildest dreams, and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image

Delicate or Cornelia Street

Taylor Swift image lover, pink, and Taylor Swift image
Cornelia Street

Enchanted or New Year's Day

Image by Private User Taylor Swift image

I Knew You Were Trouble or I Did Something Bad

Taylor Swift and red tour image Taylor Swift image
I Did Something Bad

Don't Blame Me or False God

Taylor Swift image Image by Lola
Don't Blame Me

The Man or Mad Woman

black and white, fashion, and style image Taylor Swift and folklore image
Mad Woman

Everything Has Changed or End Game

friendship, Reputation, and end game image Taylor Swift, ed sheeran, and everything has changed image
Everything Has Changed