Since were on quarantine

Song that introduced me to kpop

fantastic baby, bigbang, and seungri image Temporarily removed
Fantastic Baby | 2012

A song from my ult boy group

jin, bts, and bangtan image background, edit, and kpop image

A song from my ult girl group

aesthetic, kpop, and mamamoo image Image by 𝘧𝘭𝘰
Wind Flower

A song from my favorite male soloist

gd, kwonjiyong, and jiyong image Temporarily removed
GD | Crooked

A song from my favorite female soloist

solar, mamamoo, and moonbyul image dress, flowers, and heels image
Hwasa | Maria

My favourite collab

suga, song request, and lee so ra image
Lee Sora ft Suga | Song Requested

A title track with an mv i love

seungri, taeyang, and bigbang image big bang, leader, and kwon ji yong image

Favorite song right now

bts, jin, and jungkook image ladies' code the rain image
two different moods but | BTS - MicDrop | Ladies Code - The Rain |

A song i like from a group i don't stan

@roses_are_rosie, @lalalalisa_m, and howyoulikethat image theme, background, and blackpink image
Blackpink | HYLT

A song that makes me happy

bigbang, daesung, and seungri image blue, ego, and fanart image

A song that makes me sad or cry

bts image
BTS | We are bulletproof the eternal | i do cry like a baby

A song i think everyone should listen to

txt, soobin, and yeonjun image aesthetic and yellow image
TXT | Crown

Favorite debut song

ladies code, boy, and make up image Image removed
Ladies Code | Bad Girl

Best song of the year so far

aesthetic, inspo, and kpop image jin, jung hoseok, and v image

A song i like with a color in the title

Image by Teddy jin, yoongi, and hoseok image
BTS | Black Swan

Song i like with a number in the title

flowers, rose, and pink image album, kpop, and sunmi image
Sunmi | 24 Hours

A song that reminds me of summer

boys, peace, and youngjae image Image by ~mar_2001~
GOT7 | Just Right

A song i never get tired of

bobby, love scenario, and DK image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
iKon | Love Scenario

A song that makes me dance immediately

mamamoo, kpop, and solar image 90s, blue, and aesthetics image
Mamamoo | HIP HIP

A song i recommend

aesthetic, alternative, and knock image aesthetic, alternative, and galaxy image
ASTRO | Knock

An old song i love

4minute, hyuna, and jihyun image crazy, k-pop, and korea image
4Minute | Crazy

A song by a unit i love

Image by Nicole T.O.P and choi seung hyun image

GD & TOP | Zutter

Thanks x passing by
Bell, xx