Since were on quarantine

Song that introduced me to kpop

fantastic baby, bigbang, and seungri image big bang, k-pop, and top image
Fantastic Baby | 2012

A song from my ult boy group

jin, bts, and bangtan image background, wallpaper, and bts image

A song from my ult girl group

aesthetic, kpop, and mamamoo image Image by 𝘧𝘭𝘰
Wind Flower

A song from my favorite male soloist

jiyong, wallpaper, and kwonjiyong image g-dragon, bigbang, and gd image
GD | Crooked

A song from my favorite female soloist

dress, field, and green image dress, flowers, and heels image
Hwasa | Maria

My favourite collab

song request, suga, and lee so ra image
Lee Sora ft Suga | Song Requested

A title track with an mv i love

seungri, taeyang, and bigbang image big bang, gd, and kpop image

Favorite song right now

bts, jin, and jungkook image ladies' code the rain image
two different moods but | BTS - MicDrop | Ladies Code - The Rain |

A song i like from a group i don't stan

@roses_are_rosie, @jennierubyjane, and instagram sooyaaa__ image theme, aesthetic, and jennie image
Blackpink | HYLT

A song that makes me happy

bigbang, daesung, and seungri image blue, ego, and mv image

A song that makes me sad or cry

bts image
BTS | We are bulletproof the eternal | i do cry like a baby

A song i think everyone should listen to

txt, soobin, and yeonjun image aesthetic and yellow image
TXT | Crown

Favorite debut song

bad girl, kpop, and make up image ashley, rise, and zuny image
Ladies Code | Bad Girl

Best song of the year so far

aesthetic, kpop, and on image jin, bts, and jeon jeongguk image

A song i like with a color in the title

Image by Teddy jin, namjoon, and jimin image
BTS | Black Swan

Song i like with a number in the title

flowers, rose, and pink image album, kpop, and sunmi image
Sunmi | 24 Hours

A song that reminds me of summer

boys, jackson, and JB image Image by ~mar_2001~
GOT7 | Just Right

A song i never get tired of

bobby, jay, and long time no see image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image
iKon | Love Scenario

A song that makes me dance immediately

mamamoo, kpop, and solar image 90s, aesthetics, and sparkle image
Mamamoo | HIP HIP

A song i recommend

aesthetic, knock, and mj image aesthetic, alternative, and galaxy image
ASTRO | Knock

An old song i love

4minute, hyuna, and jihyun image crazy, 4 minute, and k-pop image
4Minute | Crazy

A song by a unit i love

Image by Nicole T.O.P and choi seung hyun image

GD & TOP | Zutter

Thanks x passing by
Bell, xx