“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

Whether you’ve had some health issues and your Doctor has ordered you to go Vegan

Or you watched a documentary on what actually goes on in a slaughterhouse

Or it could be you are a true animal lover and you want your words and actions to align

Or moral reasons you want to stop supplying the demand for having a guy you don’t know murder an animal you don’t know.

Whatever the reason is, you are now moving towards eating a Plant-Based Diet. Whether it is going Vegan or Vegetarian, let us be the first to say Congratulations!

The Evolution you are about to embark on will test, and ultimately fulfill your mind, body, and soul. You will grow mentally and spiritually as a result.

“My Body will not be a Tomb for other Creatures.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Facts about why our Human Bodies were never intended to eat Meat.

We will divide this Comparison into Three Categories:

Carnivores, Herbivores, and Humans.

Carnivores: Have no skin pores and sweat through the tongue

Herbivores: Sweat through Skin Pores

Humans: Sweat through Skin Pores

Carnivores: Have Claws for Tearing and Shredding Prey

Herbivores: No Claws

Humans: No Claws

Carnivores: Intestinal Tract is only 3x their body length so decaying meat can quickly pass through

Herbivores: Intestinal Tract is 10-12x their body Length for slow digestion

Humans: Intestinal Tract is 10-12x their body Length for slow digestion

Carnivores: Sharp Front Teeth for tearing, no flat molars for grinding

Herbivores: No Sharp front teeth, have molars for grinding

Humans: No Sharp front teeth, have molars for grinding

Carnivores: Salivary Glands in mouth not needed to pre-digest fruits/grains

Herbivores: Well Developed salivary glands which are necessary for pre-digesting fruits and grains

Humans: Well Developed salivary glands which are necessary for pre-digesting fruits and grains

Carnivores: Have Strong Hydrochloric Acid in stomach to digest meat

Herbivores: Have stomach acid 20x weaker than that of a carnivore

Humans: Have stomach acid 20x weaker than that of a carnivore

Carnivores: Have Acid Saliva with no enzyme Ptyalin to pre-digest grains

Herbivores: Have Alkaline Saliva with Ptyalin to pre-digest grains

Humans: Have Alkaline Saliva with Ptyalin to pre-digest grains

If we were meant to eat meat we wouldn’t have so many crucial similarities with Herbivores. Simply put, our bodies would be designed to be more like Lions or Tigers.

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First, because we were conditioned to eat it. Mommy or Daddy shoved a piece of bacon or slice of turkey in your mouth when you were a baby and the rest is history.

Second, we eat meat because of peer influencing. Ever go to a bbq and your vegan lol. People get downright upset at you. Why? Because you are evolving and they are not.

Sociology teaches us that people seek out others who legitimize their own behavior. Does an addict typically hang out with a volunteer or Churchgoer? Usually not. They hang out with other addicts because it legitimizes their destructive behavior.

Third, Humans are creatures of habit. When confronted with their own apathy or reality it can cause panic and fear. Change is scary to most people and stressful.

Fourth, is Taste. Hark back to the first point. If you season and marinade anything for long enough its bound to taste good and that is what Humans do.

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A True Carnivore eats his/her prey including the fur, nails, end trails and the rest, RAW!

Meat Decays and Putrefies within four hours after consumption. It can cling to your intestinal walls for weeks. Unless you have a bowel movement within this four hours, you have a rotting animal carcass in your body, Ugh!

70-80% of your Total Immune System is in your Intestines. Is it no wonder why we lead the world in disease. That is weeks of pesticides, herbicides, harsh metals, antibiotics and other toxins that the chicken or cow ate, mainlining into your gut 24/7!

Your Body is slightly Alkaline. All dairy is acidic, Cancer thrives in Acidic environments. What your body does is go into repair mode anytime you eat cheese or drink milk. It actually seeps Calcium and Magnesium from your bones to correct this Acidic/Alkaline imbalance. We were just deceived by mass marketing campaigns that Milk does a body good, which is laughable!

The Government allows of dropper full of puss per cup of milk, and that we are the only species to drink another species milk. Would you drink Cat or Dog Milk? So why are you drinking cow’s milk?

The Average person will eat 100 animals a year. That is 1,000 animals a decade, and if you live to 80, that is over 8,000 Dead animals that have passed through your body.

Why we wonder how numerous diseases come about in our bodies is truly fascinating; And let’s be honest in America with the terrible obesity rates, you could easily add a few more thousand dead animals to many people’s scorecard.


Today, the technology regarding Vegan Meats is amazing. These replacements satisfy all the five senses and are delicious. Have you tried Beyond Meat? Who would every say that doesn’t taste like a burger, and its made from plants!

Similarly, the options of nut milks and vegan cheeses are flourishing. The advancement in this area of food production is awesome, but it starts with you. By sponsoring these companies and buying their products you are supporting future creations.

When you lessen the demand of murdering an animal, you are at the same time reducing air and soil pollution, saving water and other vital resources, and last but not least you are sparing an innocent creature’s life.


Going to a Plant-Based Diet isn’t as tough as you might think. Celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyonce started by only incorporating Vegan breakfasts at first. Then added one lunch to it, then another, then a dinner, and so on. Until a month or so later that were completely Vegan.

Don’t beat yourself up if you cheat. It takes time, but the longer you do it the more your behavior changes to one of guilt when you do cheat.
Example: If you go to the gym for awhile then miss a day, you feel guilty because your brain has been retrained. This change typically takes about Three weeks to Two Months to form a new habit.

Always carry a vegan protein bar, nuts, or dried fruit in your purse or backpack. When you are hungry or a craving hits, throw something in your mouth. You will find it is much easier to fight the urge when you having something in your belly.

Retrain your Brain. Sort of Shock Therapy. Watch the videos below and watch the new documentaries release over the past five years. I.E. Forks over Knives, Earthlings, Dairy is Scary.

Watch Chicken in reverse, Bacon in reverse, and Beef in reverse on youtube.

Check out Stuff Online. Who would have ever thought the Internet is actually useful to educate yourself, believe it or not. Sites like Vegan, Veganoutreach and Peta have a myriad of resources available.


This comes to a shock to many people in this modern day narcissism and immediacy, but life isn’t all about you and your feelings. The mark of spiritual growth is how one treats a weaker creature, be it a child or an animal. Just because you don’t know these animals you still are supplying the demand for their murder.

As we evolve as a species the mass genocide of innocent creatures will come to a end, and only to this end will we advance as a people and a society.

The numbers of people choosing compassion over their “pie hole” are continuing to grow at an Amazing rate and that is something to be hopeful about.

In addition, there is a connection between people who eat meat and violence, and it is not shocking. When you allow apathy as a society and as a person to one creature, why would it not translate to your fellow human.

So let’s raise the bar back up to a Society and Species that cares about other vulnerable creatures. Live a life with empathy over apathy. Selflessness over Selfishness. What Can I do for someone or something else, over what can they do for me.

Who knows on the other side you might be in their shoes!