Sunday afternoon, I am sitting on my rooftop, watching all the things happening outside.
I do that a lot.
Nothing is happening, but at the same time, there is so much happening.
But maybe, that's just in my head.
Sometimes I wish to be a part of it, a part of what is happening out there, a part of this enormous planet made out of absolute nothing.
I can see hundreds of characters, running down the crowded streets.
I do not know any of them and I probably never will.
Right there, thirteen floors below my rooftop, people are walking fast, not caring about anyone, bumping into one another without apologizing for anything.
It scares me. It scares me, how people treat other people.
But most of all, I fear the way people see other people.
As long as they do not know you, they will not care what happens to you, they will bump into you without even making sure if you're okay after they hurt you.
I never go there.
I never go outside alone.
I'm scared that I might get hurt. Not even just physically I am scared that someone will make me feel insecure about something by just staring at me.
I am not able, to manage public situations. To be more specific, I am not able to handle other people.
I can't even handle myself.
I know I shouldn't do this, I shouldn't sit here on my rooftop.
I leave and I will not come back.

Thank you for reading rooftop! written by me hehe as always<3 Em<3