At the moment I am right now, I'm finding myself doing a lot of research about s*xuality, because of something that's happening to me. I explain everything in this article: so check it out if you want to understand more.

So, in this article I won't talk only about s*xuality, but some other related topics as well. If you're confused and questioning what the heck you are; relax. I know we all want to find out more about ourselves, but if you don't want to define yourself or don't feel comfortable with some label, just don't use it. Remember you're doing this for yourself.

However, if you're looking for a 'box' to fit in, but don't know exactly which one, this article may be helpful for you.

One thing important to have in mind is that each category is 100% independent from each other, and usually the combinations of them make your label.

1. biological s3x
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The biological s*x is the easiest to understand, since it's the only one you actually see, and don't feel. It's basically your genitalia; there isn't even much to talk about it, because there isn't how you question it.

a) female: female genitalia
b) male: male genitalia
c) inters*x: both
2. gender identity
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Gender identity is which gender you identify with. This is more complicated than it seems like, because, usually people aren't 100% males or 100% females. Everything here is a matter of intensity and spectrum. We can say your gender is, in fact, your dominant gender, and, for most people, they identify so strongly with a certain gender, they just say 'male' or 'female'. However, there are other possibilities, as I'll show you know.

a) female: people who identify themselves as females.
b) male: people who identify themselves as males.
c) non-binary: people who don't identify as either female or male.
d) bigender: people who identify as male and female at the same time.
e) gender fluid: people whose gender isn't stable and changes from time to time.
3. s3xual orientation
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This is who you feel s*xually attracted to. Everybody knows it and feels it in different ways.

a) heteros*xual: those who only feel attracted to the opposite gender.
b) homos*xual: those who only feel attracted to the same gender.
c) bis*xual: those who feel attracted to both, females and males.
d) pans*xual: those who feel attracted to any gender.
e) as*xual: those who don't feel s*xual attraction at all.
f) abros*xual: those whose s*xuality is fluid, and changes from time to time.

These are the general groups you feel attracted to. However, there are some sort of s*xualities that are quite more specific, but, these ones usually can't exist alone; for example, a demis*xual only feels attracted to those who they have an emotional connection with; but what is the larger group? Could anyone be a possibility, or a specific gender? Do you understand that the possibilities that are more specific are pretty much infinite, right? That's why I won't talk about them in this article; but, if you're interested, I suggest you search a little more. Maybe I could talk about it in a future article, but today's is in more general terms.

4. romantic orientation
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You're romantic orientation is basically who you'd date and/or have a romantic relationship with. It isn't necessarily the same as you s*xual orientation, unlike what many people think.

a) heteroromantic: those who'd only be romantically involved with people of the opposite gender.
b) homoromantic: those who'd only be romantically involved with people of the same gender.
c) biromantic: those who'd be romantically involved with either males or females.
d) panromantic: those who'd be romantically involved with people of any gender.
e) aromantic: those who wouldn't be romantically involved with anyone.
f) abroromantic: those whose romantic orientation is fluid, and changes from time to time.

The combination of all these factors will be your s*xuality, and it's better and easier to analyze everything together, and not only one or two.

This article was very basic and it was made for those who are very lost about their s*xualities. Some people don't like using any labels, and my biggest advice is to praise for your comfort; so, if you don't want to, then don't. You're free to choose it and remember that, no matter what, you're valid and you're not alone.

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