Hi ! :)

This tag was suposed to be about blackpink, but I decided to wait until they release The Album and make a gfriend one instead.

Gfriend is also one of my favourite girl group and it was so fun to write this article. Hope you like it!

inspired by

first song you heard

umji, yuju, and sowon image kpop, me gustas tu, and gfriend image
me gustas tu

all time favourite song

asian, kpop, and snow image Temporarily removed

favourite album

album, kpop, and aesthetic image kpop, buddy, and aesthetic image
fever season

favourite mv

aesthetic, quotes, and sad image spring, yuna, and buddy image
time for the moon night

favourite vocalist

Image removed kpop, yuna, and yuju image

favourite rapper

girl, yewon, and sowon image girl, yewon, and sowon image

favourite dancer

sinb, gfriend, and sinrin image sinb, gfriend, and hwang eunbi image

first bias

eunha, gfriend, and edit image kpop, preview, and profile image

current bias

apple, kpop, and gfriend image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

bias wrecker

yewon, sowon, and yuju image kpop, yewon, and gfriend image

favourite comeback

gif, kpop, and kpop gif image aesthetic, choreography, and japanese image

least favourite comeback

umji, yuju, and sowon image gfriend and love whisper image
love whisper

favourite title track

retro, screencap, and roller blades image kpop, gfriend, and navillera image

favourite b-side track

stars, art, and hands image quotes, love, and day image
you are not alone

favourite japanese track

kpop, umji, and yuju image clouds and sky image
fallin' light

favourite choreo

fingertip, kpop, and umji image sowon, sinb, and eunha image

favourite era

aesthetic, sowon, and sinb image girl group, kpop, and kim sojung image
time for the moon night

favourite lyrics on a song

kpop, Lyrics, and quote image kpop, mv, and glass bead image
glass bead

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