Hi guys,

in this article I wanted to try something new and capture the aesthetic of the songs from the TOMORROW X TOGETHER album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. I love all of the songs and I think it´s fascinating how each song sounds different. I love TXT and literally all of their songs and especially their choreographies are stunning!
But anyways, let´s get right into it!

1 - Drama

away, pants, and print image quotes, drama, and red image gilmore girls, dramatic, and quotes image quotes, aesthetic, and emotional image quotes, sad, and run away image book, quotes, and culture image

2 - Can´t You See Me?

friends, aesthetic, and best friends image Image removed korean, skinny, and abs image fashion, girl, and summer image alone, empty, and korean image black, night, and jennie image

3 - Fairy of Shampoo

aesthetic, archive, and ethereal image flowers, water, and wallpaper image couple, paris, and eiffel tower image bubbles, violet, and home page image blue, bubbles, and sky image fashion, style, and wild image

4 - Maze in the Mirror

flowers, fashion, and aesthetic image mirror, aesthetic, and gold image quotes, Dream, and words image corn, corn maze, and maze image sea, beach, and ocean image kpop, bts, and jung hoseok image

5 - PUMA

Image by Robert Saddler unknown, the middle, and indecisive image forest, tree, and nature image cliff, bucket list, and diving image black and white, city, and girl image forest image

6 - Eternally

aesthetic, beautiful, and break up image aesthetic, blue, and clouds image Flagged For Review quotes, head, and black and white image Dream, sleep, and fish image Image by ✧ 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞 ✧

That´s it for this article! Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you liked it. I really enjoyed collecting the pictures, so I´m sure I´ll do this again sometime in the future.

xx Sarah

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