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Tuesday, 4th August 2020

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting articles for such a long time, but I have very limited Internet access, due to the place I’m staying during my vacation, so please forgive me. What I want to discuss about today, is Billie Eilish and her fans constantly getting made fun of, your views may not align to mine so please be kind and respect my opinion <3

If you’ve been around Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or various social media platforms, you‘ve probably come across a comment about Billie Eilish romanticizing depression, anxiety and self-harm or about her fans being 14-year-old fake depressed, edgy girls.

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I began listening to her songs when lovely blew up (this song is still my favorite) and after listening to her whole “don’t smile at me” album, I felt like I found the favorite singer everyone around me had (I was about 12-13 years old then). I kept watching her interviews, live performances and buying her merch was my ultimate goal that I achieved when she released it in her collaboration with Bershka. I bought one of her t-shirts and a hoodie that I wore almost every day at school, everyone knew that I loved Billie. I got mad at people buying her merch when they clearly weren’t listening to her music, however I now find my behavior immature and understandable on their side, since it was quite affordable and so cute. I now have developed as a person and don’t mind it.

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But then I started noticing more and more people hating on her music. It was around the time she released “when we all fall asleep, where do we go?” They were accusing her of glamorizing mental illnesses, being fake edgy, trying to be alternative, unoriginal, having songs that sounded the same, only whispering and breathing into the microphone and many more. At first I defended myself but after some point, these comments began to be persistent, appeared under videos of her music and spread across all social media. As a strong advocate of mental health and its importance, I felt insecure about liking her music. These opinions started getting into my head, and I eventually steered clear from her music. I still enjoy it but I prefer listening to other artists now, on one hand because I believe I’ve changed and will probably keep changing, but on the other hand because I believe the hate she got prevented me from continuing to do so.

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However, Billie was actually diagnosed with depression and her music was inspirational and calming to people who belonged in the same category. They had actually someone they could relate to and Billie sure felt like her she was heard. The fact that Billie openly spoke and referred to her depression in songs, shouldn’t mean that it should only be heard by people with mental illnesses. I’ve researched about this and multiple of her fans said that her music didn’t make them sad and fans with mental health illnesses said she comforted them when no one else did. Billie clearly did something good, so why did people jump to conclusions and made fun of her supporters and herself?

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Let’s also not forget that Billie is a fervent advocate of the BLM movement and has increased awareness on this topic, she has donated to multiple charities, both BLM related and not, she even has a vegan charity with her mom. All proceeds from the sales of her masks in her website will be donated to Direct Relief and a portion of her earnings from her Music Midtown Festival performance in Atlanta was donated to Planned Parenthood Southeast.

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Even though I don’t listen to Billie as frequently as I used to, I believe that she should stop getting made fun of. Her and her music is helpful to millions of people and stereotyping certain groups of people shouldn’t be accepted. Let’s not stick to the crazy and annoying part of her fanbase. Popular artists such as Ariana Grande, K-Pop in general and more have been judged as a whole because of their toxic fanbase, so let’s not stop judging artists by their fans as a whole, as it isn’t their responsibility to manage their supporters.

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