Some days people make you tired, and more often than not it's about stupid things that build on the idea that you are "better" than other people if you do X thing in a specific way, bashing the others in the process. Today, I want to put the light on reading and how readers are being shamed by other readers as well as non-reading individuals on the presumption that a format, a genre or an age group offers up the best books "everyone" clearly wants to read, and should be reading to "be *intellectual* and *properly reading.*" ugh. Yes, please know your worth and that whatever you choose to read is valid. No one should find pride in dictating other people's preferences by bashing and shaming other readers. Reading books is not a competition. It's fun, entertaining, educational. Whatever you want it to be for yourself.

📚 The format
There's not only one way of reading. Your personally liking a way of consuming books doesn't take away from the necessity, enjoyment, and value it has for others to consume it differently. You can state a preference without bashing other people's choices. Audiobooks, ebooks, pocket, and hardcover are all EQUAL ways to read the same story or/and obtain information. Plays and movies are versions of it too. Physical copies, especially hardbacks, are not the only enjoyable solution. However, it is quite a privileged one.

Many rely on audiobooks, ebooks, pockets, etc. due to disabilities or not having the privileges of money to or to simply prefer another format over the "beloved" hardcover copy. There are many reasons not to pick a hardcover too and to insist that only hardcovers are the 'best way to consume' a book is an ignorant stance that does not take into consideration the variety of privileges people and readers all around the world possess at the current place in time.

📚 The content and genre
Especially romance books, fanfiction and fantasy have been attacked hard when it comes to not being valued as proper books and reading materials. Both from older and like-aged individuals. What often repeats itself is the idea that "lighter" books or reading for entertainment or reading about something fantastical are not as valid as reading about world problems or picking up one of those harder-to-read classics. Even within these genres, there are niches of books, authors that you often have to read to be a good "fantasy reader" or "proper well-read in romance books."

This is all so dumb and builds on some idea that only certain types of books are valid, good enough, informative - elitist - while others are bad, childish, immature - for kids and used to shame readers for reading something they can't seem to find valuable. Remember that these opinions are not a reflection of yourself, but rather them and their narrowed mindset. Know yourself well enough to respect yourself and your taste and you're already winning.

📚 Young adult or adult
You may have heard it from someone close to you, particularly someone older than you, talking down your reading choices because "adult books" are "better" than young adult books. "You have to read something real soon! Not only those fantasy stories." Often, they seem to forget that you in fact are young and that genres like "teens\ya" are not what it used to be. Young adult is the demographic (often used as a genre) used to pinpoint who the books are "meant for." Even then, reading about protagonists younger than yourself is not something to be ashamed about. The same way reading more mature content isn't something to be ashamed about. The demographic is not the downfall of a book. A middle-grade book can be fantastic and fit all ages (just look at HP), an adult book can be read by both teens, adults and elders (look at crime and romance fx.). The importance is to find a story that engages you, to meet it at a level you master or to choose to learn by stepping out of your comfort zone. Regardless, what "age" you choose to read and what genre is a YOU CHOICE. Not a them choice.

Instead of bashing how other reads, let's cheer each other on and show understanding and compassion for other people's lifestyles because if you're reading at all you're already winning. ✨