disclaimer: please make sure to protect yourself before you project yourself! note that these methods are what work for me. feel free to adjust these steps to your liking.

1. practice meditating, mindfulness, and self healing.

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there are many ways to view the phenomenon that is astral projection. many see it as a very deepened state of meditation! beyond helping you develop the skills you need for this practice, meditating will also help raise your frequency. if you want to have positive astral experiences, it's important to work on yourself! you attract what you experience, so make sure that you are happy and relaxed before you begin. reaching this place will take a different amount of time for everyone.

2. have a plan

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what does your heart desire? to fly, or travel to a beautiful island, or make love, or meet your spirit guide? anything you can dream up can be yours. please know, however, that it will feel real- hyperrealistic, even. with this in mind, set specific goals to make the most of your time in what i will refer to as "the phase." if you do not have a goal, the phase will become less real. without one, a beginner will walk around aimlessly for a short while before either waking up or drifting into a dream. for your first time entering, i suggest a simple first goal. for example, eating an apple. your next tasks can be a bit more complex. expect to accomplish 1-4 your first time.

3. go to sleep and set your alarm for 6 hours later

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for example, sleep from midnight to 6:00 AM. for these six hours, do not focus on entering the phase- your goal is to sleep as soundly and deeply as possible.

4. wake up 6 hours later. stay up for 5 to 50 minutes.

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if you tend to have a difficult time falling back asleep, stay up for as short as possible! i like to get up, have some water, and immediately get back in bad. if you can fall asleep easily, however, feel free to make some breakfast or take a short walk. but remember to stay under 50 minutes!

5. as you fall back asleep, set the intention of catching every time you wake up for the next few hours.

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we wake up many times in the middle of the night- we simply don't remember or catch them. set the intention of catching awakenings with full conviction, and your body will listen. when you wake up, do your best not to move a muscle. whatever position you're in, stay there. do not open your eyes. notice that you are in your bed, eyes closed, unmoving, but you are not sleeping. congratulations! you've caught an awakening, and you're in the perfect relaxed state to astral project.

6. do separation techniques to leave your body

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there are multiple techniques that will help you to separate. i'll give you a few of my favorites! the idea is to to try to move, but without actually moving a muscle- you want to move your subtle body, not your physical body. imagine that you are levitating from your body. don't give it much thought- just try to fly. if this doesn't work, imagine you are walking around your room. feel everything- the curtain, the windowpane, your bed frame; try to imagine each sensation vividly. if this doesn't work, imagine that you are swimming in a body of water. really feel each stroke, and the sensation of the water around you. if this doesn't work, imagine rotating from side to side, until you rotate out of your body. another popular one is to imagine that you are climbing a ladder or rope. you might feel strong vibrations or numbness beforehand, but separating will be quick. if after a few minutes of attempting you haven't successfully separated, no worries! go back to sleep and remind yourself of your intention to catch awakenings. you can try again during the next one.

7. you've made it! you're in the phase!

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if you see your body behind you in bed, don't be alarmed; nothing will happen to it. you're safe! now, take a moment to leave your bedroom and deepen the phase. this is done through sensing. touch something- the ground, or even your hands. as you focus, everything will grow more realistic! feel free to deepen the phase any time you feel it fading. from here, it's up to you to carry out whatever goals you set! do not be scared; trust that you are protected, and declare that you will only have positive encounters. also remember that time is distorted here. you might feel as though you're projecting for an hour, but will most likely be there less than 5 minutes. happy travels! sending lots of luck and love to you all.