so some dumbass on my school board decided it was a good idea to send us all back for an in-person start on august 17th... so im making a tag! most of the questions are from a tag i did last year & some of them im making up if y'all want to use them :) (sorry if anyone's already done this, i haven't seen any, but i also haven't been looking lol)

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are you going back to school virtual or in person?

figured this was an appropriate first question since the u.s. has absolutely none of their shit together... that being said this is what my school has decided:

  • staggered start beginning on wed aug 12. so the first third of the alphabet goes on wed, then the next third on thursday, last third on friday.
  • full in-person start for all on aug 17.
  • we will have our temperatures checked every day before entry, and every one is required to wear a mask at all times.
  • students & teachers have a "virtual option" (since a lot of the teachers are old as shit #privatecatholicschooltingz) but in the last email they sent about that they literally admitted to not having received the needed technology for it... so girl idk

i'm lucky enough to not be at risk and neither are any of my immediate family members, so i will be attending in person.

what grade are you going into?

i'm gonna be a senior this year :)

what are you excited for / nervous for this year?

obviously i'm nervous about getting corona. also nervous about my college applications ... but overall i'm excited about my classes! i'm taking some cool electives and it's senior year so at this point idgaf

what classes are you taking?

i'm taking: oceanography, ap psych, ap calc ab, ap gov & poltics u.s., ap eng lit, film (elective), and apologetics & ethics (my horrid required religion class)

favorite class?

im expecting to really love ap psych but if not that then film class

what subject do you hate the most?

ap physics was HELL and my teacher sucked so fuck science <3 hot girls don't need physics

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this isn't me lol i just think it's cute

worst class you've ever taken?

AP PHYSICS !!!! FUCK THAT CLASS FR FR. i got a 4 on the ap exam tho🤪

best class you've ever taken?

united states history <3 the class itself was alright but my teacher was god sent... literally the only white woman to ever exist

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do you play any school sports?

i play lacrosse but my coach wants me to do weight training for it like um no thanks u can keep it <3

typical school outfit?

uniform :/ it looks like this:

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plaid skirt, white polo, saddle shoes, and my dark circles <3

when did you start wearing makeup to school?

i started back in like 8th grade but i kinda fell out of love with it. recently though i've been getting more excited to experiment with makeup (thanks tiktok (fuck u donald for trying to get rid of it)) so at school i'll probably try some more fun eyeshadow looks

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what cliques are there in your school?

basically every white bitch at my school (which is like all but 20 in a grade of 300) thinks that she's popular... um chile anyways :

  • the "im too popular for you" girls
  • ^ their boyfriends
  • fillers for their tables at lunch & the corona parties they've been having for the past two weeks (yes i'm serious)
  • the 7% (aka the black population at our school)
  • the actual catholics
  • theater kids
  • gatekeeping ap art kids
  • irrelevant white boys
  • non-athletic (and colorist 😳) black boys
  • everyone else

that was way more than i anticipated... but it's not that serious

what clique am i in?

everyone else lmao. i'm part of the 7% but my main group of friends would be considered like the "alt/indie" kids ? idrk. i have collections for each of my friends if you wanna see the vibe.

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craziest thing that ever happened at your school?

last year a snapchat of this guy saying "let's kill all n*ggers" got spread around. the school was going to suspend him for two days (he should've been EXPELLED but ok) but then he dropped out. his first day at public school someone put him in a chokehold and he had to get escorted from class to class so people wouldn't harass him.

overall my school has been having a LOT of racist incidents (from students, teachers, admin, etc) and there's even an instagram account that takes submissions and it has like hundreds of posts

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but fr my school is racist as shit

anywayz for some more lighthearted answers to this question check out the tag i did last year:

what do you hate the most about your school?

the admin don't care about racism❤️or homophobia❤️or misogyny ❤️

best high school advice?

be involved but don't try too hard. do your work, join clubs/sports, go to school events, etc. but don't put so much pressure on yourself for everything to be perfect. also don't expect this romanticized high school experience because for a lot of people it doesn't happen like that. it's okay if you don't go to parties (i don't). it's okay if you don't date anyone (i haven't). it's not that big of a deal. everything will work out, and you can still have a good time without those things

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thanks for reading! if u do this tag pls @ me