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I´m back with another article! In this one I am showing you some inspiring quotes once again. I truly love collecting and reading them because I like how you can often find yourself in these small texts. So I hope these are motivating, empowering and/or helpful for you.
Let´s get right into it!

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I feel like people often get dragged down because the things that others tell them they do, sound much better then their own. But you should never take people talking about such stuff too seriously. There are so many people out there just talking about what they will accomplish, how much sport they are going to do and how healthy they will eat. But in the end, who takes things seriously and really makes the move? Only a few.
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I just love this quote because it is so important! We often hurry from one thing to the other and are so busy that we forget that today, this second right here, is only happening once. There will never be this day again. And at the moment you realize it, the moment before is already over.
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Every human interaction is powerful and can change the whole day of a person sometimes. Please be aware of your words. Words can hurt and can stay in a person´s head for longer than you might think. Be a nice human that others think of with a smile on their face because you made them feel good about themselves.
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True. We are privileged.
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People on social media might have perfect bodies, perfect partners and a perfect job but it´s not always what it looks like. A person might be smiling and can still be depressed. Don´t believe everything you see.
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I´m single and I often feel like I would be happier if I had a partner and would be in a relationship but honestly, it´s total bullshit. You don´t need a partner to feel complete. You don´t need your better half because you are not a half.
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Being grateful is something that I think all of us have to learn to do more. We often get so caught up in all the problems we have, all the things we have to do, that we forget about what we already have.
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Take care of your body. Eat healthy, sleep enough, drink water and exercise. You have this one body, so please take care of it.
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I have social anxiety and I often feel anxious about the simplest things, but if you ever feel like you have an anxiety attack - Breathe. Think about all that you already survived, all that you already accomplished. You can be proud of yourself and you will also survive this problem.
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Day by day, that´s what I say. You can´t always be productive and you don´t have to.

That was it for today´s article! I hope you liked it and found it inspiring. I honestly loved searching for all these quotes and I like every single one of them so much.
Thank you for reading as always. I wish you a wonderful day!

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