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Hey everyone! I was looking at my phone gallery and I found some pics of me with flowers and I thought… Why not write an article about why we love flowers? So here is, I hope you like it! 💫

They make our lives more colorful.

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They remind us how fragile, delicate and short is life.

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They tell our significant others what they want to hear from us; sorry, I love you, my condolences, congratulations! etc.

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Looking at them will always make us smile.

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They bring us back memories.

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We can easily appreciate their beauty and we try hard to take care of them.

flowers, green, and memories image

Just because…

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Hopefully you like it! Thank youuuu! And I'm sending y'all my good vibes 💫!

P.S. all of them are my pictures, but from now on if I used someone's else pics ofc I will include credits. Thank you for your support!