As promised Part 2 is here!! Please read Part 1 first if you haven't already; this article will make much more sense if you do and you'll know the whole story of my dream experiences. In this article I will dive into dream manifestation and manipulation, how to do it and what happens when you actually do it.

So, I started manifesting my dreams a couple months ago. According to the internet it is called manipulating your dreams when you do this but I like to use the word manifestation because I feel it best describes the experience. I didn't really hear about this from a specific source, I just felt it inside of me. I knew it was possible because we do this in our lives daily. And once I started to research it I realized it was very possible. I didn't spend too much time on the internet, my soul was ready to try and that was all I needed to get started.

How do you manifest your dreams? It is actually pretty simple. When your eyes are starting to close, your mind is starting to become quiet and everything around you fades away it is time to start manifesting. Repeat to yourself as many times as you can what you want to dream about. Let's say you wanted to dream about your future, just repeat to yourself, "I am dreaming about my future." Do this a lot! As many times as you can before you eventually fall asleep. This is what works for me. My mom always taught me the power of I AM and what believing in something with every ounce of your being can do. This won't work for you if you don't believe it will.

This process of repeating the phrase of your dream will actually help you fall asleep faster than usual. Make sure you aren't thinking anything else when you are manifesting. If other thoughts come in, don't give them attention and come back to your manifestation. In my case, once I fall asleep the dream just happens. For some of you, you may have trouble making it happen. You may manifest one million times but it still might not happen.

When it doesn't happen, don't be frustrated or scared. There is a perfect reason for this. Fear is holding you back, you have a little bit of doubt in your mind that you might not even be aware of and you may have had too many thoughts in your head while manifesting. This is all ok and normal. Don't be afraid, the Universe will show you what you need to see. To release fear journal, meditate on it or simply just realize what you are afraid of and let it go.

So, when you do get it, when the manifestation becomes the dream be alert. I know that sounds weird since technically you are sleeping but you need to see all the signs the Universe wants you to see. These dreams will feel so real. Depending on what you want to dream about you may be solving a real life problem, you may be traveling through different dimensions/realities/timelines, or you may be connecting with your past selves or people who have passed on. I recommend trying to make these dreams as lucid as possible. In Part 1 we talked about lucid dreams and using your voice in them. These manifestation dreams are the perfect time to use your voice to zoom in on specific parts or do anything you want really. In a separate article I'll talk about how you can make dreams lucid while dreaming, that is a long one. But for now, just play with it on your own. If you are familiar with lucid dreaming this will come pretty naturally to you.

Once you wake up from this dream it is important to think about all that you saw and what really stood out to you as the message the Universe wanted you to hear. Don't get on your phone right away or you'll lose the dream. These dreams are so powerful and you'll feel a one of a kind feeling when you wake up. You'll realize just how much your thoughts create your reality, how in tune you are with the Universe and vice/versa and that surreal feeling you get when you connect the dots in your life.

I hope this helps you on your journey. There will definitely be a Part 3 to this article. I realize I have a lot to share about dreaming and I am excited about that. Dream manifestation is such a powerful thing. I've solved current events in my life through them, I've seen future moments unfold through them, I've connected with people who have passed on through them; I mean you can really do it all. Stay fearless and trust the Universe and absolute magic can happen in them. I'll see you in Part 3! Thank you for reading! Follow me for more. -ACE 🖤