Hey, lovelies! Today, I will be sharing my Umbrella Academy OC! Enjoy!


Name: Leighton Hargreeves
Code Name: The Witch
Number: Eight, 08
Birthday: 10/01/89
Birthplace: London, England
Age: Stuck at 13


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Long, Tannish hair, and green eyes


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Her main power is witch-like spells and she can open portals to other dimensions ad travel through them. ( This also allows her to teleport like Number 5, and use telekinesis)


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She is a risk-taker, yet she is very quiet and sensitive. She would do anything for her family.


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She is a mixture of a preppy and tomboy-ish style


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She was born on October 1, 1989, with the other 43 children. Her mother, Annabel, was 20 and in her British college dorm when giving birth. She was caught off guard, but grateful for the baby. She planned on keeping it until she saw the amount of cash Mr. Hargreeves gave her. She knew it could pay off her student loans, so she accepted the offer. From then on, Sir Reginald Hargreeves taught her how to save the world.

The Academy

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Leighton got along with all of her siblings and she would do anything for them. Since her powers branched out into other powers, she had longer training courses. Due to her sensitivity and quiet personality, Mr. Hargreeves didn't go as hard on her. She was made to learn different spells and travel to different dimensions. She was made to lift things with her dimensional telekinesis, and teleport around through portals. She didn't completely hate her father, but she didn't like him. For the most part, she was grateful that he went easy on her. When Leighton was 25, she got lost in a dimension where she was rendered powerless. When Number 5 escaped from the future, it broke the dimensional hold and she was taken back to her dimension. But because 13-year-old Number 5 broke the dimension portal, she was reverted back to her 13-year-old self


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Luther was never Leightons favorite sibling, but she loved him because they were family. She knew he was blinded by their father's spell, but she would still do anything for him

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Much like Luther, Diego was never Leightons favorite sibling. She remembers how when they were little, he would throw throwing knives into her portals, and then he would have to catch them on their way out.

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Allison was one of Leighton's childhood role models. She would always stick up for her when their father went too hard on Leighton, and they would gossip in her bedroom at night.

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Klaus and Leighton were very good friends when they were young. They would hang out in an empty dimension that Leighton decorated as her home away from home. Their powers often fascinated each other, and once Leighton attempted to cast a spell to swap their powers (which ended in Leighton being turned into a ghost for a minute)

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Five and Leighton were good friends at their youth. They bonded over their shared universal teleportation abilities. Now, they try to turn back into their 30-year-old selves.

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Ben and Leighton were both the quiet ones of the group. Leighton would share her stories with Ben, and Ben would talk about his day. Whenever a fight broke out in the family, her, Ben, Klaus, and Five ( If he wasn't a part of the fight) would go to her private decorated dimension

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Leighton often felt bad for Vanya growing up, but she always had a feeling she wasn't as powerless as she seemed. Vanya usually isolated herself from the others, but every now and then, she would come to Leighton for support.

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Leighton had a close bond with her mother. Along with Allison, her mother was Leightons role model. She didn't despise her father while she was young, but she wasn't blinded by is tricks. As he was the partial reason for her being trapped in an alternate dimension, she began to hate her father.


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The first image is her bedroom at the academy, and the second is her decorated dimension


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She likes to read and paint. She loves writing and would read her stories to her siblings on bad days. She also enjoys practicing spells in her free time

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