Hello lovers! Hope that you're all doing great today!
So let's talk about periods.
They are natural, they are a sign that a women is healthy but they can also be very very annoying and extremely painful.
In fact 1 in every 5 women struggles with extremely painful periods.
I am one of them.
Period pain is very stigmatized. Whenever I talk about my struggles with period pain I'm often told that I'm overreacting and that it can't be that painful.
I got comments like those from man and women alike.
So for all my people who struggle with extremely painful periods, you are not overreacting and exaggerating, periods can be hell.
I have personally struggled with getting out of bed, going to school, vomiting and feeling overly tired.
So today I'm gonna list down some way I personally deal with my bloody Mary.
Let's start shall we?

1. 3 words: HOT WATE BOTTLES

Temporarily removed
Those are my lord and savior. Without them my cramps would kill me.

2. Drinking tea instead of coffee

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The first 3 days of my period are the most painful, so I replace my daily coffee with tea

3. Yoga

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There are a lot of incredible yoga routines to relieve period pains on YouTube.

4. A lot of resting

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As I have already said I can't really move much in the first few days of my cycle so I do a lotttt of resting and drink a lot of water

5. Wear comfy socks

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My feet swell up so bad when I'm on my period and they are constantly ice cold so I always wear some compfy fuzzy socks

6. Eat a lot of veggies, fruits and soups

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Warm home cocked foods such as soups help me maintain my daily calorie intake even when I'm too nauseous to eat anything.

As always thank you so so much for reading my, I really hope that it was helpful, all the love xoxo Eli