honestly i do spend more time making spotify playlists that anything else ahah i have more than 100 and they're all a bit weird :)

link to my spotify account (if u wanna follow me, go ahead)

imma describe some of my favourite playlists, what they include and then link them so you can check them out more if u want


tbh i dont even know how to describe this playlist apart from saying it's just iNdiE music. it includes some peach pit, hunny, still woozy, briston maroney, hjippo campus and wallows. so it has some quite well known artists in there :)


hard core obi-wan kenobi vibes. its just some chill but also funky songs like spooky ghost by teen suicide and draem man by no vacation and even more lol


idk how to describe it rly but this playlist kinda has lavender vibes like it feels how a purple sky looks. includes violet by bad suns, japanese denim by daniel caesar and pink + white by frank ocean