hello everyone! happy tuesday! today i present to you a list of five places i want to visit in my life. this are most of all connected with europe and it’s history, because i have been wishing to travel there since i was a little girl with the movies and books, and now -that i’m studying history- those dreams are stronger than ever for bigger reasons. i hope that one day i can post an article saying: ‘i went to..’ but we will have to wait and see.

🌻 day iv: make a list of five places you want to visit.

  • london, england
this one has been my dream since i can remember. all the history, all the castles and the culture have been fascinating to me. my number one dream is to be there.
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  • toledo, spain
my dad went to this place two years ago, he said that it was waiting for me to go. a city built around the middle ages, their streets and culture come from there. such a beautiful place!
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  • ámsterdam, the netherlands
i just love the vibe, the beauty in the simple things. plus, there are a lot of museums i’m really excited to see one day and learn. read in the parks and ride my bike through the streets.
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  • dunkirk, france
this one is completely history related. the last few years, i understood how much i loved history, how important it is for me, but also for everyone else -even if they can’t see. i’ve been reading about many things and with the last movies that came out -‘the darkest hours’ and ‘dunkirk’- i read a lot, watched a lot of documentaries and learn about the operation ‘dinamo’ and beyond. i saw a documentary back then, where the historian and one of the survivors went back to the beach and just stared at the sea and since then all i want is to go to the beach, put a towel in the sand, some tea and -just like them- stare at the sea.
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  • petra, jordania
this one has been fascinating to me since i was a little kid. i grew up with stories of adventures and investigations, and all my inspirations had to do with it. this place is truly magical and i hope i get to see it one day.
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this are just five of the many places i want to visit, I was going to upload an article about it way back and in the making of this i convinced myself to do it, so consider this one as a teaser of a bigger and diverse list.

thank you so much for reading!
can’t wait to see you tomorrow with another day and this friday with another article!

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