inspired by:

♡ first bias
→ chaewon / hitomi

hitomi, lq, and izone image hitomi, izone, and kim chaewon image

♡ current bias
→ chaewon / hitomi /nako / wonyoung

izone image izone, hitomi, and lq image icon, kpop, and lq image icon, lq, and izone image
too many T___T

♡ bias wrecker
→ chaeyeon / minju (all of them tbh...)

izone, chaeyeon, and lee chaeyeon image izone, kim minju, and minju image

♡ song that made me stan
→ i stan them since predebut so?? la vie en rose i guess

aesthetic, gif, and la vie en rose image

♡ favorite title track
→ fiesta

fiesta, yuri, and hyewon image
i loved EVERYTHING about this cb !

♡ favorite vocalist
→ yuri / chaewon

izone, joyuri, and wizone image icon, chaewon, and kpop image

♡ favorite dancer
→ chaeyeon

kpop, izone, and chaeyeon image

♡ favorite rapper
→ yena

izone, yena, and kpop image izone, yena, and kpop image

♡ underrated visual
→ chaeyeon

izone, kpop, and chaeyeon image izone, chaeyeon, and kpop image

♡ funniest member
→ yena, hyewon, chaeyeon

archive, kpop, and meme image kpop memes, yena, and iz*one image

♡ favorite concept
→ cute like pretty, o' my, up...

kpop, sakura, and stage image

♡ favorite album
→ bloom*iz but i personally like heart*iz a lot too !!

bloom, sakura, and hitomi image sakura, hitomi, and izone image

♡ favorite b-side
→ colors, airplane, pink blusher, hey bae like it, open your eyes, with*one, boyfriend, human love, gokigen sayonara, neko ni naritai

kpop, sakura, and yuri image

i really love these talented girls with all my heart ♡

kpop and izone image