Hi loves! Today I thought I would write an article on dreams, and how you can influence them. I’ve recently been adding a lot of self-care methods into my daily routine and I thought I would share one of the main ones I use daily with you on tomorrow’s podcast episode, but here’s a breakdown of what I mean and how this is possible:

So we all know that dreams are a sort of movie that plays in your head while we’re sleeping. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re bad, and sometimes they’re just downright weird. I personally have had a lot of strange dreams in my life but it wasn’t until I recently started making positive changes in my life that I found out that this whole time dreams aren’t random, but rather they’re a collection of your subconscious thoughts and what you consume throughout the day.

I thought this was crazy information and started taking steps towards influencing in my dreams in a positive way a few months ago and it worked! I now have some idea of what I’m going to dream about through controlling some of my daily thoughts and focusing my attention on my goals and desires through visualization (making an image in my head of what I want) before I sleep. I go into more detail about this in tomorrow’s episode of my podcast but I just wanted to share this with you guys. ♡

♡ as always thanks for reading! for more content like this i have a beauty, selfcare, and girl chat podcast called “project it girl” and episode 5 is out tomorrow! so listen here: https://linktr.ee/projectitgirl

Until next time I love you and please stay safe and healthy :) x