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welcome to another article! so i found this @disco_pigs article and i thought i should try to do this, because nothing better than answer some questions, right?!
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mermaids or angels?

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angels there’s no other way!!

1900s or 2000s?

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if i could choose any decade, i would go for the 90s, because i love everything about it, which would mean i would choose 1900s, but if we are talking about centuries, i would definitely choose 2000s because i born in 1998, so all my short life was basically in the 2000s…

smooth jazz or beautiful classical?

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none of them are my favorite, but between them, i prefer jazz, so smooth jazz it is!

extrovert, ambivert, introvert?

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i’m ambivert, but really close to be an introvert… it depends on the people i’m with

chocolate bars or lollipops?

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easy! chocolate bars! if there’s something i always have at home it is chocolate

movies or books?

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both when a movie is based on a book, i like to first read the book, and then watch the movie…

spring or fall?

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personally, i think fall as better fashion, but i love spring! it’s not too cold, nether to hot, i mean the weather is perfect to be outside! there are a lot of bright shades again! i just love it!

rain or sunshine?

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dancing or singing?

nether! i’m suck at both

tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

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all! tea at night, coffee in the morning and during the day, and hot chocolate for rainy days

favorite song?

right back - khalid

favorite scent?

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coconut or fresh made chocolate cake

when do you normally wake up?

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it depends on the day! during school months, i wake up between 8-9am, and at 11am at sundays. during holidays, i usually wake up between 11-11:30am

favorite book?

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atm the shining by stephen king

have you ever cried over a lover?

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i’m a cold heart, but yes

favorite subject?

in middle/high school i would say maths, now in college i don’t really have a favorite but i enjoy microeconomics classes

least favorite subject?

history! in both middle/high school and now in college

took dance classes?

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never it was never something that i liked…

first idol in life?

maybe Deco. he was a football player for both my team and my national team…

what game were you best at gym class?

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football, definitely!!

where do you go to study?

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i like to go to coffee shops, or the library to study, but if i don’t feel like leaving my house, i study in the terrace and sometimes in my room, specially at night…

greatest wish?

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be part of the administration of my favorite club! that’s, definitely my biggest dream…

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