day four: share five comfort films

1. when harry met sally (1989) dir. rob reiner

classic, when harry met sally, and 80s image
the only romcom ever, love the autumn vibes, the quotes, and the script is perfection.

2. about time (2013) dir. richard curtis

funny, movie, and smiling image
romcom + time-travel? yes please. also it has valuable life lessons and it gives you a cozy vibe.

3. the age of adaline (2015) dir. lee toland krieger

beautiful, gif, and perfect image
the whole aesthetic of this is beautiful, blake lively queen in all fashion styles, the ultimate wardrobe goals. yet again it has a cozy feel.

4. paddington 2 (2017) dir. paul king

gif and paddington image
this movie is so wholesome<3 it's so cute and what i love of both paddington films is the children's book feel they give, the animation and the plot line is perfect (also hugh grant, chef kiss)

5. beauty and the beast (2017) dir. bill condon

belle, emma watson, and movie image
the costume design is beautiful, the song THE SONGS, emma thompson singing beauty and the beast is h e a v e n

hope you see them, they all give me fall vibes, love, and comfort ofc<3

p.s: kudos to the hearters that have joined the challenge, ily.