We all agree that your bedroom should be the most relaxing spot in the house, so it should be a very calm, comfy and peaceful space.
Beside the fact that a calm and well organized bedroom is a pretty room, it also benefits our mental health, so the best thing we can do is to create a comfy environment, a space for ourselves where we can breathe after a stressful day.
You don't need to spend a fortune renovating your room, in fact creating a calm space means getting rid of things we don't need or we don't use anymore and organizing.

So here are some tips


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Get rid of anything you don't need, in this way the room may seem bigger and also more comfortable


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Make sure you have a system, organize your desk (if you have one), organize your books, make sure that everything has its own place

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I think art is very important, a few elements, such as canvas can create the calm atmosphere you're looking for, plus it looks very aesthetically pleasing

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your bed should be the focus, play with it, create the most comfortable space ever, decorate it with your favorite colors, the ones that makes you feel relaxed, add pillows, as much as you want, consider adding blankets, little things make the difference


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Play some music while you're in your room, put on a chill playlist and listen to it, it doesn't have to be a chill playlist at all, whatever you like and makes you feel calm, listen to it!


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Light up some canldes, choose a scent, relax and enjoy it!


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Find the perfect light, open your windows if you have a good lightning, if not, consider a lampshade, a warm light is ideal, but you can choose based on what you like