hold me 'til the morning comes by paul anka with peter cetera

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this 80's ballad brings me back to when I was younger, listening to my father's playlist on loop.

wake me up by taeyang

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taeyang has to be one of the best vocalists not just in kpop but the whole music industry right now & this song is just pure perfection! i literally can't go a day without listening to this song

famous by kanye west ft rihanna, swizz beatz

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i hate kanye but this song is dope

as i'll ever be by chaz cardigan

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i love love love tatb: ps i still love you's sountrack but this song has to be my favorite, chaz's vocals is just *chef's kiss*!

bad liar by imagine dragons

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the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentals, the feels~ ON POINT!

faded by vérité

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i first heard her cover of the 1975's somebody else and i loved that one as well, but this song has to be my new favorite song of hers

five more minutes by jonas bros

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i love the boys' vocals here & that falsetto though... this has to be my favorite song among their new releases

cruel summer by taylor swift

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literally my favorite song from the album

some & galaxy by bol4

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these two tracks are my stress relievers cause they have that feel-good vibe. if you haven't heard of this duo from s korea then you shud def check them out

rose by honest men

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i'm so proud of myself for discovering this song... the vocals, instrumentals- but mainly the vocals is soo good it hurts. i always tear up when i listen to this!