In this article, I will tell you my opinion on recent comebacks, which are - Gidle's and Taemin's. I will definitely make a part two, for reviewing JYP's, ITZY's, Blackpink's, and Bts comeback.
~ This is only my opinion and you can disagree or agree with me, everyone has their own taste and opinions in music :)

1. (G)I-DLE "Dumdi Dumdi"

It was very different from what I expected. I like the song and it seems like they had a lot of fun filming the MV which makes me happy. It's Miyeon's era for sure. The MV is interesting and I like it. It's just not what I expected, although I love Gidle's dark concepts I like that every comeback they try something new, and for this summer it's a bop.
song - 8
music video - 8
concept - 7
total - 7.5

2. Taemin "2 kids"

So in my head, I expected something like "Artistic Groove". The song is good, gives that summer vibe a little bit. The MV is pretty different from what Taemin does, his MV's are usually very aesthetically pleasing and just amazing but this one is a little bit too simple but I really love his dancing. Overall, I like the song it's just very different from what he usually does, but I'm here for a concept change, it makes the music so unique and interesting. But this is only a prologue for the album "Never Gonna Dance Again" so I think the album will be LIT haha.
song - 8
music video - 6
concept - 7
total - 7