hello there you beautiful human being,

today's article got inspired by this:

here's my version of it.


A: age

Image removed Temporarily removed
i turned eighteen in june

B: best feature

eye, eyes, and raspberry image nails, eye, and eyes image
i think i like my eyes the most

C: color

Image removed Image removed
dark green

D: deepest regret

downward spiral, poems, and poetry image Image by outofcontextmaha
not telling my crush i liked him and finding out that he liked me back but we never talked and now we don't talk anymore at all.

E: every day starts with

aesthetic, drink, and coffee image coffee image
i'm nothing without caffeine

F: fashion style

fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and asian style image

G: goals

journal, writing, and coffee image OC, ryota, and aesthetic image
publishing my own book in the future is definetly my biggest goal

H: height and hair color

funny and cute image Temporarily removed
i'm not very tall ALSO this isn't the hair color i currently have but i really wanna dye it that color so :)

I: in love

view, bed, and city image Image by <3
with paris

J: job of my dreams

book, aesthetic, and theme image book, indie, and library image
i'd love to be able to live off from my books one day

K: kind of things you look for in a partner

couple, edgy, and goth image couple, love, and kiss image
loyalty and trust is something very important to me

L: last meal/snack/baverage you consumed

Temporarily removed bananas, coconut, and heart image
toast with nutella and banana slices (i couldn't find a better fitting picture, sorry)

M: movie you could watch again and again

film, goldie hawn, and movie image christmas, noël, and movie title image
the christmas chronicles is my all time favourite christmas movie

N: number of siblings

chirstmas, family, and holidays image Temporarily removed
two brothers and a sister

O: one song you can't stop listening to right now

Image removed
how you like that by blackpink

P: person that i last texted

message, text, and text message image chats, feelings, and messages image
my brother

Q: question i get asked the most

Image by AlinaSavelieva aesthetic, notes, and school image
what do you plan on doing after you graduate next year?

R: reasons that make me smile

animals, dog, and fluffy image puppies and cute image
show me dogs and i'm happy

S: simple skin care tips

skin care products image mario badescu, lush, and skin care image
i wash my face every day and cleanse it and apply a cream against it drying out, i also apply a facemask twice a week

T: tattoos

arm, little, and plant image tattoo, art, and aesthetic image
something minimalistic and in black and white with a lot of meaning

U: unpopular opinion of yours

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
bts is overrated

V: vacation destination

amsterdam, city, and travel image amsterdam, netherlands, and river image

W: worst habits you want to fix

impatient, now, and waiting image life and quotes image
being impatient and caring about what others think about me

X: x-rays you've had

love, kiss, and skeleton image aesthetic, archive, and theme image
my lungs once

Y: youtubers you watch

Abusive image Logo, red, and youtube image
i mainly watch commentary channels, don't really care about anything else

Z: zodiac sign

aesthetic, astrology, and boy image astrology, gemini, and horoscope image


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- rana