hello and welcome back everyone :)
Covid-19 probably affects everyones life and quarantine gets harder every day. So if you are looking for something new to do, I´ve got some ideas for you...


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working outside is hard and you have to invest a lot of time. but as soon as you´re trying the first fruit you planted on your own you will see that the hard work pays off.
You can either do gardening alone to calm down but it is also a lot of fun with friends or family.


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fun fact: baking has a therapeutic effect on some people

I personally love baking so much. there are so many different things to try..small cookies or big cakes, it can be sweet or salty..there is something for everyone. besides that I love inviting people over and let them try what I just did.


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cooking is so much fun, you can do it for yourself or for others. you can get to know different countries and cultures while cooking and that´s what i love about it so much.
if you need some recipes you can try out this article

learning a new language

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I already studied english, german, spanish and french and right now I´m about to get to know hungarian. Being able to communicate with people all around the world is such a big possibility and gift.


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reading is dreaming with open eyes

I know that a lot of people say they dislike reading. I actually think that there is a book for everyone and that they just haven´t found the right one and gave up too early. there are books about every topic and therefor I think there is a book for everone!!


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music..you can make it, listen to it, dance to it, sing it or write it. there is something for everyone and you can either enjoy it alone or together with other people.


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not only fun but also good for your health

football, basketball, soccer, dancing, yoga, climbing,...
so many stuff you can do nowadays!!

play video games

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no more stereotypes; girls love playing video games as well.

find new places

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sometimes we don´t even know about all of the beautiful places that aren´t even far away. so get your bike, pack something to eat and drink and find some hidden places.

I hope you liked this article and got some inspiration on what you can do..stay safe and healthy xoxo

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