Gutenberg is often called the invention of printing .What he actually did was to develop the first method of utilizing movable type and the printing press in such a way that a large variety of written material could be printed with speed and a curacy .No invention spring full blown from the mind of a single man and certainly printing did not .Seals and signet rings,which work on the same printing as block printing had been used since ancient times .Block printing had been known in China many centuries before Gutenberg,and, in fact a printed book dating from about 868 has been discovered there .The process was also known in the west before Gutenberg.Block printing makes possible the production of many copies of a given book.However the process has one major drawback :since a completely new set of woodcuts or plates must be made for producing a large verity of book it is sometimes said that Gutenbergs main contribution was the invention of movable type.However,movable type was invented in China,some time in the middle of the eleventh century,by a man named pishing.His orginal type was made of carthenward which is not very durable, however,other Chinese and Koreans made a series of improvements read more :