I think we all know this struggle - it's a great summer day, but you're sitting home alone scrolling through social media, not knowing what to do. if this is your situation, here are some things you could do!

try a new sport

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learn how to skate or do some yoga. there are many tutorials on youtube if you want to learn a new sport

learn an instrument

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maybe there is a guitar or keyboard laying around in your house, waiting for you to play it. if not, there are a lot of unexpensive ukuleles on amazon, purchase one and learn a new skill


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meditation is a great way to find yourself and understand your feelings better. there are guided meditations on youtube and a ton of apps (I used headspace when I first started)

manifest things

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manifestation is a good way to bring positive things into your life. read about it and watch some videos, then you can jump right into it!

make a new playlist

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make some playlists for you and your friends. if you need some inspiration go check this article about underrated artists ^

read a book

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I bet there is a book chilling in your shelf you haven't read yet. you can also re-read one of your favorites or buy a new one

write something

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there are so many things to write about. write a short story, a poem, an article or maybe even a whole book! the options are endless

start a journal

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you could write about your life, start a scrapbook, a simple photo album, a bullet journal, a calendar or any other type of journal

make some jewelry

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there are tons of tutorials how to make jewelry on tiktok and youtube. go toyour local art supplies store or order the stuff you need online

discover your neighborhood

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go for a walk and look for cool new places in you hood

shop online

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get something you always wanted (or just buy some new cute items)

draw or paint

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drawing is so much fun! just try not to be too judgy about your own art
that's it! I hope I could help you fight the boredom :) xoxo,