august writing challenge
day four: share five comfort films

i apologize for being three days late but i still wanted to participate!

i've never had an incredible movie taste so please, bare with me!

⌁ love, rosie

love, couple, and love rosie image Image removed
i mean it's lily collins and sam claflin, how could you not adore it!

this has been one of my all time favourites for the last couple years probably because it's the only movie i can watch repeatedly without getting sick of it. it's also got a friends to lovers storyline so that's probably why i'm so in love with it.

⌁ signs

joaquin phoenix, Rory Culkin, and signs image signs image
my love for joaquin phoenix started here ladies and gentlemen.

as a kid, this was my favourite movie. while everyone was watching barbie princess movies, i was watching this. don't get me wrong, barbie princess movies slap even to this day but as a child this was the movie i would always make my parents watch with me.

⌁ the edge of seventeen

hailee steinfeld image film, gif, and hailee steinfeld image
i relate to nadine so much it hurts.

one of the reasons i can sit down and cry to this movie no matter how many times i watch it is probably because of how much i relate to this movie. that's probably one of the reasons this movie is so good, a big chunk of teens see themselves in the main character. i would highly recommend watching this movie if you haven't already!

⌁ thirteen going on thirty

13 going on 30 image jennifer garner, mark ruffalo, and 13 going on 30 image
thirty and flirty and thriving!

another flick i grew up watching! i can't help myself when it comes to iconic 2000s movies, they're just so fun and the style! a lot of people hate on the fashion but i personally love it. this is also another friends to lovers storyline but with a really good message nestled inside of it.

⌁ dear john

amanda seyfried, channing tatum, and dear john image amanda seyfried, dear john, and Letter image
my heart aches thinking about this movie.

i must be a sucker for making myself cry because a lot of my favourite movies are sad and this one is no exception. dear john is the movie i would download so i could watch it on the plane and then try my hardest to keep myself from crying and waking the person next to me. it also has channing tatum in it, what more could you ask for?

i'll try my hardest to keep up with this challenge! follow me while your here :)