I am back with new article and this time I wanted to share some tattoo ideas. This summer I got my first tattoo (you can see it on cover image) and I would lie if I would say I don't want another one haha.

*sea waves

beach, minimalist, and sand image beach, clear water, and water image Image removed girl, summer, and beach image


tattoo, rose, and flowers image aesthetic, flowers, and ink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It tattoo and goals image

*small tattoo

tattoo, butterfly, and inked image tattoo, flower, and rose image tattoo and flowers image tattoo, rose, and flowers image


tattoo image Image by Private User Image by Private User tattoo girl, tattoo, and Tattoo Designs image


tattoo, lion, and leg image animals, tatoo, and Tattoos image aesthetic, flowers, and animal tattoo image tattoo and owl image


tattoo and happiness image ink, love, and inspiration image art, body, and bodyart image tattoo, always, and love image


moon, nasa, and saturn image tattoo, world, and travel image art, ink, and planets image tattoo, ink, and planets image


art, body, and realistic image Image by saralawson97 corvo, tattooed girl, and pale skin image aesthetic, alternative, and black image


tattoo and art image tattoo, moon, and mountains image mountains and tattoo image tattoo, mountains, and boy image


angel, art, and body image tattoo image angel, art, and design image Alas, tattoo, and tattooed image

Before you get a tattoo, think twice where and what you want to get, if you are not sure about it, try that tattoo with henna to see if you like it and don't get bored of.
I will post some tips before getting a tattoo in awhile as well.
Have a great time! :)