challenge inspired by @bex_st

day 4

dear person ive drifted away from,

at first, i thought you have changed but I finally thought that you show how you really are, kinda a "toxic person".

you remember, when you were new in the school and you knew nobody. you remember, i came and talk to you. i thought we were going maybe to be friends. now you remember that?

it was good until it wasn't. it was good until you meet this girl named Emma (ive changed her name). since this day you wasn't the same. i can't say if this girl tell you to step away from me or you stepped away from me because you wanted or maybe you didn't realize it.

during the quarantine, i realized that some people that i thought were my "friends" aren't. you never send me a text or nothing. im not begging you to pay attention to me, i mjust begging you to realize what you did. i want you to know how you can be a such bad person and how you hurt me.

ah, something else, since we meet you don't stop copying me. you can inspire you but you can't copy. you copy my shoes, the way i dress, you even copy my pens and notebooks, girl stop. you don't have personality.

to finish, i hope that you won't act with the other people you will meet as you did with me. and i hope you will regret what you did to me.


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