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Day three ⇢ describe your morning routine

I looove mornings: I truly believe they represent new beginnings.

My morning routine has changed a bit since quarantine started so here's how my mornings have been looking lately...

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~ I've been waking up around 8AM-12PM these past few months. As soon as I do so, I sit up, grab my water bottle and drink as much cold water as I can. At the same time, I check my chats and my social media on my phone.

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~ Then, I put some music on to start my day. The songs vary a lot. Yesterday I woke up to reggaeton, but today I danced my way into the sink to Bruno Mars.

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~ I brush my teeth, take a quick shower, wash my face, and then I dress.

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~ Finally, I make myself some breakfast. When I'm actually hungry I'll eat something quick, like yogurt or a smoothie. But when I have time and I'm not under the pressure of my stomach's roars, I cook pancakes or french toasts :)

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posted on Aug 3, 2020