hello! so, my best friend-soulmate did this about me and I thought about doing it as well, and im gonna leave it here below because I loved it <3

love u
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lets begin.
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What she's passionate about.
Angelina Jolie, children, and voluntary work image quotes, help, and grunge image quote, kill, and why image help, life, and sacrifice image
helping people.
Favorite season.
flowers, nature, and green image flowers, aesthetic, and garden image flowers, pink, and nature image aesthetic, alternative, and dress image
Color palette.
lilac, purple, and beach image car, nails, and vintage image aesthetic, glasses, and vintage image blue, colors, and art image
purple, turquoise, beige, and all in between.
Spirit animal.
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Zodiac sign.
Sagittarius, zodiac, and astrology image delicious, food, and fruit image fashion, aesthetic, and style image aesthetic, ch, and grunge image astrology, pisces, and aesthetic image hair, pink, and moon image
so, she was born right on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, but she is more of a Capricorn most of the time, and I think that the fact that her ascendent is in Capricorn is one of the reasons why. Her moon is in pisces <3
TV shows.
anne with an e, book, and movies image supernatural, dean, and impala image funny, quotes, and b99 image bbc, films, and hero image
anne with an e; supernatural; brooklyn nine-nine; sherlock.
Love interest.
america, beautiful, and boy image froy gutierrez and froy image froy gutierrez image froy gutierrez image
froy gutierrez.
In her daily.
study, gilmore girls, and quotes image beautiful, beautiful hair, and boy image overlay image cartoon, meme, and Jerry image
struggling to get out of bed, craving chocolate, studying.

hope u enjoyed, check this collection that's also about her: