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This is a collab for the "This Or That Tag" between Gabi, @nowihaveacat, and me. If you enjoyed this article, I invite you all to try it out as well!

Inspired by this one ^^^

1. Country or city?

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Gabi: City
Me: City

2. Baths or showers?

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Gabi: Showers
Me: Showers

3. Pen or pencil?

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Gabi: Pencil
Me: Pen

4. Pools or the ocean?

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Gabi: Ocean
Me: The ocean...it's so beautiful

5. Stranded on an island with someone you love for 10 years or with someone you hate for a month?

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Gabi: Someone I hate for a month
Me: I'd rather be stranded only for a month with someone I hate

6. Outgoing or shy?

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Gabi: Shy
Me: In the middle?

7. Road trip or flying?

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Gabi: Road trip
Me: Flying

8. Relaxing or exploring?

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Gabi: Relaxing
Me: Exploring!

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